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Since we opened our doors in November 2012 at the Mosaic District Shopping Center, our business and concept evolved. Our loyal customers, who became part of our family over time, would tell you how far we came along.


Here is a little snapshot for those who is not familiar with us. 

After years of wholesaling to the restaurants in DC, MD, and VA, we decided to open our first brick and mortar store. We opened as a Gourmet Seafood Market specializing in Mediterranean Seafood, hence the name "MediterraFISH". Our goal was to introduce more "SEA" food in addition to "Ocean" food to east coasters and let more people know about the healthy eating style of the Mediterranean. Our Turkish heritage and our business ties in the region allowed us to bring species that no other supplier had before. 


As we became known as the best fresh seafood market in the area providing sustainable and healthy seafood, we were bombarded by our customers' requests to provide cooked seafood. This led to adding a take-out kitchen to our existing concept. 


Five years and two kids later, owners decided that it was time to move to a bigger location where the market and the restaurant can finally have their own space to serve the customers better.


Our new location is only half a mile away and we are ready to present our new concept to both our existing and new customers. Come see us!



"I was literally 5 years old when I first caught fish with my dad" said Bilge Sapanli, the Co-Owner of MediterraFISH. "I was hooked:)"


Years of fishing, surfing, sailing, I became a natural lover of the sea and everything that sea provided for us. After finishing my engineering degree in "aquaculture of marine products", I was determined to operate my own fish farm. It took me 4 years but I did it.


My farm was in a beautiful cove called Doganbey Gulf, right in the middle of the Aegean Coast. Growing my own fish taught me a lot about true healthy farmed fish. This is why when I deal with suppliers for the market, I know exactly what questions to ask and check the quality of the products we receive.


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"I moved to the United States after marrying my wife and the first thing I noticed that I couldn't find a decent place to buy fresh fish," said Bilge:


"Here in DC Metro Area, we are on the coast and yet we only have supermarkets when it comes to fresh fish. People are so spoiled in Europe, finding a fresh fish market on almost every corner you turn. You go to your neighborhood market street, walk into a fish market where the fishmonger knows you by name, cuts and cleans your fish the way you want and that's it. That is what we want to give to our customers here. A comfort where they can trust their fish market and get their seafood ready for their dinner".


"People are almost afraid to eat seafood around here," said Co-Owner Tuba Sapanli. " We want to be the knowledge source for our customers on how to prepare, cook and enjoy seafood". 


"In our busy days, one thing does not change: "We all have to eat". But what we eat and how we get it is another story. The new trend is to eat healthier without spending a fortune and ton of time preparing it."


Tuba recently added several ready meal options to the store's collection. An "oven ready" collection where you can pick up your dinner from the store ready to be cooked in addition to "Make your own meal kit" which you pick your choice of protein & vegetables from a variety of easy to prepare recipes. Great for busy moms and anyone who has no time to prepare a healthy meal.


The company is also opening their online store soon where customers can buy their products from anywhere in the States and subscribe for their meal kit delivery services. 

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