It all starts and ends with people. We genuinely care about you and your well being. That is why we are offering what we call "life training sessions". These trainings are purely for your own self development. 

Why do we do it? It's simple. 


Once you are educated about accounting and finance, you learn to be smart with the money you earn. It's not always just about making the top dollars, it's about keeping it. Being concerned about finances lowers motivation overall, we just want to help as much as we can.


It doesn't end there, we teach about health, fitness and well being which we believe is necessary to create a perfectly balanced individual who is positive and creative.


All of these skills and more can be learned.

We believe the combination of these bring productivity and innovation at work. Employees who are happy outside of work have a better attitude and end up starting a positive karma at workplace.


Happiness is contagious.



Best seafood practices are learned here, If you are passionate about healthy food and want to make a difference by serving the best products available, you will love MediterraFISH. Our training process will get you skilled in no time.


If you have experience in the food industry but not particularly about seafood, that is ok. We are looking for good eggs, our comprehensive training will teach you the skills you need here, as long as you have a "can do" attitude with a humble personality. 

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